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Chyulu Hills National Park

The Chyulu Hills

Part of Chyulu Hills National Park is inhabited by Masai herdsmen

Ol Donyo Wuas riding safaris operate in the beautiful Chyulu Hills and guide guests around the steeply wooded hills and open plains of the surrounding area. Contact Us for Details and Bookings

Sprawled over the youngest mountain range in the world, the Chyulu Hills National Park combines breathtaking volcanic scenery with rich wildlife. Extensive forests cover conical mountains, creating thrilling caves for underground exploration. The snow-covered peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro are clearly visible from the crest of the Chyulu Hills, rising in the distance beyond spectacular views over rolling plains of fertile volcanic soil. A subterranean river pushes above ground in fresh water springs on the surrounding plains.

The thick forests shelter black rhino, while lion and cheetah can be seen on the plains and leopard inhabit the rocky heights. Buffalo, elephant, eland, bushbuck, warthog, wildebeest and zebra can all the spotted. Located in the south-west of the Park, Lake Jipe is a birding enthusiastís paradise.

The hills hold no permanent surface water but rainfall percolating through the porous rock feeds many permanent fresh water sources in the surrounding plains, notably Mzima springs and the Tsavo and Galana rivers.

Attractions at Chyulu Hills National Park include Breathtaking views from the Chyulu hills, cave exploration, one camp site next to park headquarters.







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